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I wanted to make a MUD where everyone is Astrid. Not a great idea for multiplayer, so I transformed that into a single player. Still not a great idea.
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A phrase shortcut.
phrase "Point out a thing in her purse (mildly)", "start", """
Point out a thing in her purse (mildly)
""", "character.sandbox.mild = true"
@param title phrase Phrase (question)
@param salet Salet core
@param string tag tag marking viewing condition
@param string text Response
@param string effect an optional parameter, eval'd code
phrase = (title, tag, text, effect) ->
retval = room("phrase_"+salet.rooms.length, {
optionText: title
dsc: text
clear: false # backlog is useful in dialogues
choices: "#"+tag
tags: [tag]
if effect?
retval.before = (character, system) ->
return retval