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I wanted to make a MUD where everyone is Astrid. Not a great idea for multiplayer, so I transformed that into a single player. Still not a great idea.
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A general client-side framework for cybertext interactive fiction games.

Salet is based upon Undum, rewritten in CoffeeScript and altered to its own needs. It also uses some code from Raconteur, same deal.


The code, documentation, styles, design and images are all distributed under the MIT license. This permits you to modify and use them, even for commercial use. A copy of the MIT license is found in the LICENSE file.

Raconteur is copyright (c) 2015 Bruno Dias, released under the similar license terms.

Undum is copyright (c) 2009-2015 Ian Millington, released under the similar license terms.

List of contributors

The list is alphabetical. Hopefully it will grow.

  • Alexander Yakovlev - Salet's original author
  • Andrew Plotkin
  • Bruno Dias - Raconteur's original author
  • David Eyk
  • Dmitry Eliseev
  • Ian Millington - Undum's original author
  • Ivan Narozhny
  • Juhana Leinonen
  • Michael Neal Tenuis
  • Selene