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I wanted to make a MUD where everyone is Astrid. Not a great idea for multiplayer, so I transformed that into a single player. Still not a great idea.
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intro: """
You are Astrid.
Astrid sleeps and sees herself in her dreams.
In a dream all people are equal because they are Astrid.
room_enter: "And then enters the "
begin_game: "Be Astrid"
entry_title: "Guest room"
entry_dsc: """
You are in a beautiful underwater guest room.
There are water horseys swimming behind the glass walls.
corridor_title: "Corridor"
corridor_dsc: """
A short corridor that turns upon itself.
names: [
'red Astrid',
'Astrid the menace',
'magic Astrid mermaid',
'witch Astrid',
"Dent. Astrident"