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Discord bot core

Core code for connection and command handling for my Discord bots.
This is not actually a Discord bot. To learn about some of my available Discord bots please visit my website
This code is included in the repo for each bot using git subrepo, which I prefer over submodules and subtrees.

This code does not function on it's own, it simply provides common functionality my Discord bots can make use of. To test/modify this code, it needs to be run in the context of an actual bot. A good candidate is my template project, which should run and connect just fine, just won't do much.

Built with


The easiest way to get setup would be a fork of this repo, and the fork of a bot to use as a development context. I suggest using my template project as a development context, along with git subrepo to push back to your discord-bot-core fork.
If you are uncomfortable using git subrepo, you could just as easily copy/paste your child discord-bot-core directory back into your fork.

My template project has more in-depth details about how to setup and test.

If you have a completed change, please submit a pull request from your discord-bot-core fork back to this repo.

Whilst this is very easy to use once you know how, I appreciate this might be a little tricky if you aren't familiar with developing in this way. Feel free to contact me if you would like assistance. Find contact details here.