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inkjs boilerplate

This is a cross-platform template, but auto-rebuilding is set for Linux only. Hence the repository title. Edit the auto-rebuilding script for your system.

Console commands to start working

  1. git clone
  2. npm install or better pnpm install
  3. webpack prod and you'll have the game in the build folder.

If you need a lighter template without any console commands: inkjs-boilerplate.




  • Autosaving (with a restart button)
  • Keyboard support (press 1-9 to select 1th-9th choices, 0 to choose 10th)
  • Gamepad support (arrows or Y axis to select, A to choose)
  • Great performance (no fancy tricks, pure DOM manipulation)
  • For authors: npm watch will auto-recompile the game on changes to JS or JSON
    • Auto-recompiling from ink to JSON is not included, though
  • Mobile-ready layout
  • Editable color scheme
  • Undo button (just delete it from HTML code if you don't want it)


Compatible browsers: Chrome >= 60, Firefox >= 60, iOS >= 12, Safari >= 12.