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@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ For example, lets look at a bit of CSS3 code that adds a couple of rounded co
Browser specific code makes using CSS3 a chore. 6 lines of code just to add rounded corners. LESS mixins to the rescue. With LESS Elements the above can be compressed to just a 1 line:
#some_div {
#borders > .radius(5px, 0, 0, 5px);
#border > .radius(5px, 0, 0, 5px);
Looks just line shorthand CSS, with the values representing top right, bottom right, bottom left and top left corner radii in a clockwise order. To use LESS Elements, just download it (Github repo), put the “elements.less” file in your stylesheets folder and include it with 1 line of code at the top of your LESS file: