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MediaWiki extension for user pageview tracking.


  1. Obtain the code from GitHub
  2. Extract the files in a directory called Wiretap in your extensions/ folder.
  3. Add the following code at the bottom of your "LocalSettings.php" file: require_once "$IP/extensions/Wiretap/Wiretap.php";
  4. In the command line run php maintenance/update.php
  5. Go to "Special:Version" on your wiki to verify that the extension is successfully installed.
  6. Done.


If upgrading, make sure to run php maintenance/update.php as well as php extensions/Wiretap/wiretapRecordPageHitCount.php --type=all. This will create a hit-totals count for all pages in your wiki.

Before upgrading to MediaWiki 1.25

Before upgrading your instalation to MediaWiki 1.25, make sure to grab the latest Wiretap and in addition to running update.php and wiretapRecordPageHitCount.php, also run:

php extensions/Wiretap/wiretapRecordLegacyHitCount.php

Important note

This extension is intended for internal corporate wikis where transparency is more important than privacy. It is definitely very invasive for an open, internet-facing wiki. If you insist on installing it on a public wiki please make your users aware that they are not browsing with the anonymity they are familiar with from MediaWiki.


The following config was taken from Wiretap.php prior to it being gutted for the new extension registration method. This should be written into proper documentation.

// for selecting a short period over which to count hits to pages
// set to 1 to count over the last day, 4 over the last 4 days, etc
$wgWiretapCounterPeriod = 30;

// use the all-time counter by default
$wgWiretapAddToAlltimeCounter = true;

// don't use the period counter by default
$wgWiretapAddToPeriodCounter = false;

// of course we want counters! why else have the extension!
$wgDisableCounters = false;