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Prosody RPG module

This is a module for Prosody 0.9 (maybe lower, but only maybe) that adds /roll command to every MUC.

The syntax is this:

/roll <times>d<sides>+<bonus>
/roll <times>d<sides>-<bonus>

The <times> bit is optional (default 1), the d letter is optional too if times = 1 and bonus = 0.


/roll 1d4
/roll 2d5-2
/roll d20+3
/roll 20


This module uses Mersenne-Twister random-number library for better random number generation.

You can get the newest library version here.

The library uses BSD license so it's included here (for Lua 5.2). Just compile the and put it in /usr/lib/prosody or /usr/lib/lua/5.1 directory.

Then, drop the module to Prosody dir (usually /usr/lib/prosody/modules) and turn it on in your config.