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A set of utilities for tracking text-based game releases

Originally a parser for Russian Interactive Fiction, now it’s much more than that.

pipeline status

Русская версия readme

These are executable PHP scripts that serve different functions but share the code.


This one was the first. Its function is simple: it scans some game hosting sites, finds the new games (published during the last week) and prints a neat list in Markdown or HTML format. All automatic.


This one does the same in continuous fashion, posting the feed to Mastodon or Telegram.


And this one makes wiki pages for the IFWiki. It uses Russian IFWiki syntax and templates but it would be easy to alter for the English IFWiki as well if you’d want that.


Just ignore this, it’s for Russian IF comp.


  1. Install pandoc and php with mbstring and xml extensions.
  2. Install composer and execute composer install
  3. Copy the config.yml.example to config.yml, edit it.
  4. Run the scripts.