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A general client-side framework for cybertext interactive fiction games.

Salet is based upon Undum, rewritten in CoffeeScript and altered to its own needs. It also uses some code from Raconteur, same deal.


  • install NodeJS
  • npm install - to install packages
  • npm run build - to build the game (look in dist folder)
  • npm run start - to debug the game (auto-rebuild on any changes)


The code, documentation, styles, design and images are all distributed under the MIT license. This permits you to modify and use them, even for commercial use. A copy of the MIT license is found in the LICENSE file.

Raconteur is copyright (c) 2015 Bruno Dias, released under the similar license terms.

Undum is copyright (c) 2009-2015 Ian Millington, released under the similar license terms.

List of contributors

The list is alphabetical. Hopefully it will grow.

  • Alexander Yakovlev - Salet's original author
  • Andrew Plotkin
  • Bruno Dias - Raconteur's original author
  • David Eyk
  • Dmitry Eliseev
  • Ian Millington - Undum's original author
  • Ivan Narozhny
  • Juhana Leinonen
  • Michael Neal Tenuis
  • Selene